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You Don't Need to be an EXPERT in Diet, Nutrition, Weightlifting, Meditation and Exercise to be Healthy or to be able to create a successful business, but...

You DO need the MVC’s, Minimum Viable Competencies, and be doing the 20% of actions that deliver 80% of the results. You need the energy and stamina to grow your business Sustainably!

You Need To Up Your PQ

Physical Intelligence: Energy is a powerful and essential component of every entrepreneur's competencies. With the rate of failure of new businesses and the staggering rate of burnout, for the entrepreneurs that do make it, it is more important than ever that business owners protect and leverage their most important asset, their bodies and their health.

As a wise man once said, "A person who has their health has a thousand dreams, but the person who has lost their health has only one"

You don't need to be a master of all the elements of PQ, but you do need to know how to create energy so you can be productive. You need to be able to identify your areas of resistance and drain, so you stop leaking energy and be able to meet the demands of the other important areas of your life.

In the Physical Intelligence: Energy course you will learn proven, world-class strategies and techniques to help you capitalize on what the research has found to to help you live longer, be happier, healthier, make more money...and even get more dates!!!

In this course and 3 day event you will learn how to:

  • Stop wondering what you should be doing to keep yourself healthy
  • Clarify your daily actions to tap into the easy 20% that gives your 80% results
  • Establish alignment between what you say is important and what your schedules reflects
  • Establish your rituals to ensure every day is a fantastic day
  • Create a powerful customized blueprint for your stamina, using a simple, proven formula
  • And much more

What Others Have Said:

"I’ve worked with the best body alignment specialists in the world. None of them have been as effective as Dr. Cynthia has in helping me get into and stay in alignment so that I can think and feel at the highest levels when I’m on stage. Presence is EVERYTHING and what Dr.Cynthia teaches has a greater impact on my capacity to influence (and generate impact and income) from stage than any other speaking “strategy”. I’m able to show up powerfully thanks to Dr. Cynthia . . . she’s world class." David Bayer

"Early in 2018 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and was struggling with my energy. Despite having access to world class Healers, I’d never let any come behind stage to work on me during a program... but I was desperate. I was barely making it. I’d met Dr. Cynthia before at a speaking engagement in Las Vegas. She had given me an adjustment that was amazing. I invited her into my hotel room to see if she could help me at my event between segments. The results were astounding - not only did my clarity, and focus skyrocket - but my energy remained high and consistent" Callan Rush

"I have become more aware of the effect my posture has on my delivery, and on how I hold myself while on stage, as well as how I hold myself throughout the day. It's absolutely fascinating to hear Dr. Cynthia explain the connections between our posture and, not just how I feel -- but more importantly, the results and outcomes that I get... Any executive or business owner who spends time either in front of a computer or in front of an audience needs to spend even a few hours with Dr. Cynthia. It will change their life. It certainly has changed mine." Angelique Rewers

Your Instructors

Dr. Cynthia Boccara has been working with industry and thought leaders for the past 30 years, helping them not only live happier and healthier lives, but to project confidence, credibility, and charisma. Dr. Cynthia has worked with Olympic athletes, America's Cup teams and companies such as Dell Software, Pacific Life, and Edison to train their people on the science of Physical Intelligence so they can be more effective speakers, get the jobs they are seeking and sell from the stage. She has worked with entrepreneurs to give them the energy they need to be able to sustainably grow their businesses and make the impact in the world they are meant to make.

Dr. Philippe Boccara has been in healthcare for over 30 helping athletes and corporate athletes achieve high performance. He was the first person to have competed in 6 consecutive Olympics in an endurance sport and has helped many of his teammates and Olympians from other countries achieve Gold Medal performance. His Lessons from the Water also help modern day leaders to use their bodies, as well as their minds to become more energetic, focused and powerful in everything they do.

Dates And Venue

Begins June 20 2019
11:30 PM (PST)
5 Consecutive Tuesdays 11:30 PM PST
June 20 - July 18, 2019

Zoom calls to be recorded, all worksheets and docs on Fb and later on Kajabi.

Bonus Live Event:
July 12-14, 2019
9:00-5:00 Fri/ Sat
9:00-12:00 Sun


Orange County, CA

Your Investment

When we work with Patients one on one in our office, the investment for this program begins at $4997

The great thing about this program is if you miss a session you can watch the recording at your convenience and submit questions via email or the Facebook group!! Learn at your own pace.

The Live session is a bonus, many people are not able to make the live event as we have students from all over the country. That is why it is just an added bonus and we will be having another live event later on in the year, date TBD.



Online Course

Free ticket to the Live Event ($1497)

Private Facebook Support Group



Online Course

Free ticket to the Live Event ($1497)

Private Facebook Support Group

(1) One on One 60 minute coaching calls ($750)

Free Stage Authority Formula Online Group Coaching Course ($997)


What You'll Get

  • Online 5-week course
  • Bonus VIP ticket to live event ($1497)
  • Private Facebook support group
  • Physical Intelligence online course ($997)
  • (2) One on One 60 minutes coaching calls/video review ($1500 value)
  • Follow up 90-minute training ($750)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
You'll get a 100% refund if you are not fully satisfied with the value you receive. You must attend the seminar to be eligible for a refund.

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